streetscape design guidelines: directional and commercial signage

Visual ecology and improved wayfinding
in a city of federal importance.
Sebastopol Department of Architecture and Urban Planning has set the task of developing a comprehensive set of streetscape design guidelines to improve city's appearance. We've joined an interdisciplinary team comprised of Giprogor Reasearch Institute, Urbotech Scientific and Educational Center for Architecture and Urban Studies, WOWHAUS Architects to work on a set of guidelines that would make wayfinding in the city intuitive and clear, increase tourism attractiveness and improve aesthetics of the urban streetscape.
We are developing design standards for advertisements, commercial and directional signs in their relation to the zoning and architectural specifics of the local urban environment. The standards define dedicated signband areas and implement a variety of acceptable signage solutions (e.g. letters affixed directly to the building, shingle signs). Our solutions reduce existing visual clutter in the streetscape i.e. illegal sidewalk canopies, billboards on small residential streets, non-translucent window films, mismatching outdoor banners etc.

New street map display stands, direction signs and bus stops with comprehensive route info make wayfinding simpler and more clear. Gateway signs would be restored to their historic appearance and illuminated accordingly.

Our design solutions will make navigation more intuitive and emphasize local architecture.

Sebastopol Department of Architecture and Urban Planning

Giprogor Reasearch Institute

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