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Gastronomy is our ongoing long-term affair. We've started cooking and cherishing food a long time before the hype was to follow. Regardless of the project we've been busy with there was always a moment to spend in a company of sautéed shrimps and medium rare steaks.
It all started in noughties when we got to promote Norge TM Norwegian herring locally. It was a love at the first sight and since then we're actively working with HoReCa. After two dozen cafes, restaurants and bars we carried out a promotion campaign for a signature reboot of Danilovsky food market in mid-tens.
And now we are all about Farm-to-Table thing.
Our gastronomic journey
Norwegian herring
In 2009–2011 we've helped
The Norwegian Seafood Export Council to promote Norge TM
for Russian market.
The restaurant boom
The Moscow restaurant boom in the beginning of 2010s got us an amazing clientele, such as Anatoly Komm's Barbarians and Dmitry Levitsky's bar chain I'm gonna call you back, darling.
Farmers' markets
Farmers' markets trend was soon to follow. In 2012–2013 we've conducted a massive campaign in support of Danilovsky Market reboot.
Providing full circle marketing support to Honest Farm we got deeply involved with local organic food trend
and slow food movement.
Food photography, advertisement, visual identity and packaging design for gastronomy brands. Websites and social media accounts for food delivery services and restaurants. Tastings, proper wine pairing, gastronomy blogs – here's an approximate list of what we love doing. We can also boil, sautée, smother and instantly tell
a difference between cage free and free range.
These guys helped us tremendously with SMM for our multiple projects including I'm gonna call you back, darling. Great job! Highly recommended!
Dmitry Levitsky
Head of Hurma Management Group, co-owner of I'm gonna call you back, darling, Meat Puppets (Moscow), Groza (Sochi) et c.

Anatoly Komm
Hurma Management Group
Danilovsky Farmers' Market
Honest Farm
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