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Danilovsky Farmers' Market reboot

A Moscow Government commission
to rebrand the oldest central market in the city
Danilovsky Market reboot was one of the main gastronomy events that started the trend of renewed comfortable food markets in Moscow, and we were the major agent of these changes. In 2012 we took the job to promote this risky endeavour and in 2015 we finally succeeded.
Danilovsky is a legendary place of trade in Moscow that originated in XIII century. Its new building conceived by the architects Felix Novikov and Gavriil Akulov was completed in 1986 taking more than 20 years of planning and construction.
The market's enormous cupola (⌀ 72
m.) is the key element of the Danivsky square modernist ensemble that also includes an
elongated brutalist residential building and The Moscow Mint.

It is a local center for gastronomy and an architectural landmark.
Around 2010 rumours emerged the building is about to be razed and replaced by a mall. Thankfully municipal authorities made the decision to sell the structure on the condition of it being restored and preserved in its current architectural state.
During the 90s Danilovsky went into the state of decline turning into a highly criminalized,
unmaintained and shady spot like many other markets in the city.

Danilovsky had to become a lucrative deal
for a private investor: clean space, increasing revenues,
high customer loyalty and traffic.

2011 a new management was hired to be faced with a difficult task. Danilovsky had to
become a lucrative deal for a private investor: clean space, increasing revenues, high
customer loyalty and traffic. Our job was to carry out an effective public relations campaign.

March 2015 Danilovsky successfully sold to Ginza Project.
Goals and objectives
To sell a government-owned
market building
to a private investor.
Danilovsky Market had to become a highly hyped spot, a center for gastronomy and social exchange similar to Mercat de la Boqueria
or Borough Market.
Expanded customer base
The customer base had to be expanded by including middle-class,
HoReCa professionals
and trendy youngsters.
Loyalty program
The market needed a community of loyal costumers and effective feedback channels.
Extra services
We had to develop additional
client-oriented services,
e.g. delivery, online store.
PR and advertisement
Planning and launch of PR and marketing campaigns
in mass- and social media.
The way it went down

2011 Maksim Popov, a former director of Ginza Projects restaurant chain was appointed as an executive director of Danilovsky Market which started a long chain of subsequent changes: renovation, removal of illegal 90s construction, decriminalization, sanitary control, a move towards financial workflow transparency, efficient zoning, quality suppliers, new uniforms, delivery service, ATMs and eating out spots in the market building.

In a relatively short time Danilovsky started turning into a proper contemporary gastronomic cluster. Our job was to provide coverage in media and to involve active audience with high purchasing power: middle-class, Horeca professionals, youngsters and trendsetters.
Our responsibilities
We had to change consumer purchasing patterns in Moscow. The key objective was to shatter negative image of a 90s food market, to raise gastronomy awareness and to promote the scenario where a person would enjoy carefully choosing organic foods in the setting of a farmers' market.

Campaign keypoints:
– Gastro-Culture awareness
– Support of farmers and local food producers
– Businesses' social responsibilities
– Traditions
– Innovation

These keypoints were channeled to target audiences through mass-media, relevant events and social media.
Online store and delivery
Yandex.Direct and Google AdWords drove 100000–150000 unique users a month to the SEO-optimized online store which provided a steady increase in sales through online and phone orders. is the first official delivery service and online store for a farmers' market in Moscow.
Social media
Danilovsky Market social media pages on Facebook and Instagram rapidly evolved attracting 22K followers with a minimum ad budget due to the viral effect and appeal to the industry trendsetters: chefs, restaurateurs, journalists and creatives. Danilovsky Market has become the major frontier of a gastro revolution in Moscow immediately gaining a cult status. The engagement index was off the charts with hundreds of likes and reposts a week.
Feedback and reputation management
An active dialogue with customers is always of an utmost importance. Our community managers were providing 24/7 feedback on all the relevant points (assortment, pricing, quality control, delivery et c.) processing up to 1000 comments a month.
Mass media resonance
We employed all the relevant newsbreaks of the time: import ban on agri-products, marketplace police raids, rumours of closure et c. By 2014 Danilovsky was the most mentioned gastronomy-related brand in Russian media (up to 200 mentions a month), and its executive director Maksim Popov became the most sought-after speaker on the topic of food retail.
Danilovsky in numbers
Campaign achievements
> 20 000
subscribers on Facebook
500 000
users reached
customer support
up to 200
mentions in mass-media
By 2014 Danilovsky was the most mentioned gastronomy-related brand in Russian media: Kommersant, Vedomosti, Afisha, The Village, Vesti 24, TV Rain, Stolitsa FM among others.
«Our partnership with AdWorm is a successful case of how you can entirely rely on professionals and get guaranteed results».
Maksim Popov
Executive director of Danilovsky Market in 2011–2015

Danilovsky Market
2012 – 2015
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