Grand prix for branding
Black Lake Park of Kazan

How we got the Grand Prix
in National Branding Contest
conducted at the initiative
of Republic of Tatarstan Government
National Contest on Black Lake Park branding commenced 20th of April 2017 and we got the Grand Prix – a contract to brand the Presidential Programme for Public Space Development in the Republic of Tatarstan. By the end of 2018 our solutions will be employed in 259 recreational areas of the Republic.
Conditions of the contest was to develop a modern brand for the Central Park of Kazan that would reflect local history and could be seamlessly integrated into the setting.

33 teams of design professionals (Moscow, Kazan, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Perm, Volgograd et al.) participated in the contest.

The jury among others was comprised of mayor of Kazan Ilsur Metshin, president's personal assistant Natalia Fishman and chief architect of Kazan Tatiana Prokofieva.
Line of work
We aimed to target the open-minded and educated consumer. Our visual solutions go in line with contemporary trends in graphic design without ignoring Tatar traditional legacy.

The foundation of the brand identity is a flexible dynamic pattern. If one looks at the pattern for a sufficient amount of time, there is a certain kaleidoscopic effect with the structure disintegrating and getting back together. The whole pattern consists of simple geometric blocks one can combine to create a variety of graphics, from complex textures to simple pictograms.
Our solution can be successfully employed as directional signage, street furniture, ads,
merchandise, printed matter, digital et c.

The complete visual identity based on the winning concept will be implemented
in Summer 2018.
AdWorm's concept really stood out. We were amazed at the flexibility and variability aspects of their solution. We decided to continue the partnership and to give this team an opportunity to develop complete visual identity for all the public spaces covered by the Programme.
Natalia Fishman
Personal assitant to the president of the Republic of Tatarstan
The style is based on the principle of construction kit which allows to create an infinity of solutions: tiling, street furniture, signage, merchandise etc. Each branded location could look specific belonging to a clearly defined aesthetic at the same time. I'm fascinated with how they managed to provide
a contemporary interpretation of the traditional Tatar ornament. The work is truly encouraging.
Ilya Ruderman,
Graphic designer, co-founder of, Moscow Design Studio, CSTM Fonts Studio.
Government of the Republic of Tatarstan
Visual identity
Graphic design
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