Personal Data Processing Agreement

By acceding to this Agreement and by providing personal data via the application
(registration) form on the website ('Website'), the User hereby:

– Confirms that the data provided by him/her are his/her personal data;
– Confirms and acknowledges that he/she has thoroughly read the Agreement and the policy
for processing his/her personal data provided in the application (registration) form, and that
he/she has understood terms and conditions of personal data processing;
– Consents to the Website owner processing the personal data provided as part of the
information required for signing this Agreement between himself/herself and the Website
owner, and for its further performance;
– Consents to transfer of his/her personal data to event marketing partners;
– Consents to receiving the Website newsletters, including previews of the articles published on
the Website and advertising and promotional information from the Website partners;
– Consents to the personal data processing policy.

The User hereby consents to processing his/her personal data, specifically, to the actions set forth in Article 3 § 1 (3) of Federal Law On Personal Data No. 152-FZ of July 27, 2006, and confirms that giving this consent he/she acts in his/her free will and best interests. The The User's Consent to personal data processing is explicit, informed, and willful.

The User gives this consent to the processing of the following personal data:

Full name, phone number, email.

The User authorizes the following actions (processes) with his/her personal data:

Collection and keeping within the storage time limits prescribed for record storage by the relevant regulatory documents but in any case at least within three years from the date the User stops using the services; and Update (correction, change), use, destruction, depersonalization, transfer pursuant to a court order, including to third parties, ensuring protection of the personal data against unauthorized access.

This consent is provided for the unlimited period starting from the date of the personal data provision, it may be withdrawn by sending a request to the website administration, specifying the data as set forth in Article 14 of the Federal Law On Personal Data.

The User may also withdraw his/her consent to personal data processing by sending a written request in free form to

The Website is owned by PE Chistov Dmitry Viktorovich
Registered address:

The Website shall not be held liable for any use, both lawful and unlawful, by third parties of the Data published by the User on the Website, including its reproduction and dissemination using any methods whatsoever.

The Website shall have the right to amend this Agreement. In the event of any amendments to the Agreement, the date of latest renewal must be specified in such updated version.

An updated version of the Agreement shall become effective from the date of its publication, unless otherwise is stipulated by a new version of the Agreement.

This Agreement and relationship between the User and the Website arising from the
application of this Agreement shall be regulated by laws of the Russian Federation.

Russia, Moscow